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1. Use a buffing bar to smooth the nail surface.

2. Clean the surface with an alcohol pad.

3. Choose the appropriate double-sided jelly gel.

4. Stick the jelly gel onto the nail surface.

5. Press the nail piece firmly in place.

6. Done.

Liquid Glue VS Jelly Glue

Liquid GlueJelly Glue
Lasts 7-20 daysLasts 3-7 days
Good waterproofingGeneral waterproofing
Suitable for long-term wearSuitable for beginners, pregnant women, and students
Nail remover solution needed for removalDirect removal
Reinforcement method: After filing use a bit more glueReinforcement method: After filing use a hair dryer to heat and increase adhesion
*Warm Tips: Whether it is liquid glue or jelly glue, the wearing time is related to the application technique. The more skilled you are, the longer the wear time.
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