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To select the correct size for your press-on nails, follow these steps to measure the width of your natural nail:

  1. Using a Soft Tape Measure:
  • Place the soft tape measure over the widest part of your nail, aligning it with the curvature of your nail as shown in the leftmost illustration.
  • Read the measurement where the tape measure crosses the widest point, typically at the number that aligns with the edge of your nail.
  1. Using a Piece of Paper (if you don’t have a soft tape measure):
  • Cut a thin strip of paper.
  • Wrap it around the widest part of your nail, similar to the middle illustration.
  • Mark the point on the paper where it meets the start of the wrap.
  • Lay the paper flat and use a ruler to measure from the edge to the mark. This distance is your nail’s width, as depicted in the rightmost illustration.

Ensure that the measure or paper is snug but not tight to get an accurate measurement. Once you have the measurement, compare it to the size chart provided with your press-on nails to choose the corresponding size.

Index Finger10mm11mm12mm13mm
Middle Finger11mm12mm13mm14mm
Ring Finger10mm11mm12mm13mm
Pinky Finger7mm8mm9mm10mm
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